March 30, 20 week ultrasound

We all slept through the night!  I functioned tolerably well at work.  A good thing since everyone else had the day off, and I was The Man.  Despite my weighty responsibilities, I took an hour off in the afternoon to go to the 20 week ultrasound for baby X.  My mom, Miwa and I all went in.  Baby X, seemed to have all the right number of appendages, though the ears stuck out a bit too much.  Up until now, Jill has been utterly convinced that she will be having another girl.  However, while we were in the room, I kept my attention focused on the nether regions, and I thought I saw something.  Now Jill is filled with gender doubt.  As for me, I am willing to admit I am not a trained ultrasound technician, so my interpretation may be incorrect.  We will find out for sure in another four and a half months!

Moved the Inheritance down to the barn with the intent of finishing off the repairs and getting her seaworthy for next week.  After being the last car on Thursday and then having to catch the 5:25 today, it is time to bypass BC Ferries!  Hopefully we will be able to take her out for some fun times this summer.  Some friends of friends just acquired a lot on Savary, so perhaps we can work a boat ride into a camping spot at some point this summer.  Warmest water north of the Baja!


2 thoughts on “March 30, 20 week ultrasound

  1. I didn’t know you were expecting #2 – Congrats! When things get back into routine for you you will have to let me know if you are still interested in continuing to carry Quadra ISland Soap and if you would still like me to make it out of your wine. Get Jill to email me when she is up to it. 🙂

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