March 29, Rocky the Rabid Raccoon

Spectacular fail on the jet lag recovery as of 1:48 am on March 29. Miwa woke up at 1:48 am, I’m typing this as I am starving at 2:30, Ben needs to go to work in the morning and is entertaining Miwa as I type.  We had a dog fight vs raccoon at 10:30 last night and that was interesting as it was in our attached greenhouse.

Ben here again:  Miwa and the rest of us, didn’t get back to bed until 4am.  I went back to work today and dragged my ass all day.  I really need a good night sleep.  Hopefully tonight is better.

We went over to A and R’s house for dinner and omiyage giving.  Lovin’ Oven Pizza was as good as ever, and Cousin Rowan really liked his new shirt and socks.

Jill’s bento effort this evening consisted of salmon and parsnip cakes, rice and cucumber.  In my haste to get home, I forgot my bento box by the sink at work, so I’ll have to use Jill’s tomorrow.


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