March 28, back to reality

To all of you who followed the blog while were in Japan, I hope you enjoyed it.  I am going to try to keep up the blogging on a daily basis, as long as life continues to provide something interesting.  Mind you, the things I wrote about in Japan were pretty mundane, they just happened to take place in Japan.

Recovery day from Jet lag.  Jill woke up at 1, Miwa woke up at 3, which meant I did too.  Jill and Miwa stayed up to 4:30, then I really woke up.  I was ravenous and ate 3 pieces of PB&J toast before I went back to bed at 6.  I woke up again after what felt like 10 minutes later to find it was 11!

In the interest of recovery, we got right back in to farm life by cleaning up one of the trees that fell across the fence while we were away.  My dad caught his glasses with one of the branches he threw in.  We all looked around for 10 minutes before giving up and deciding they must have gone in the fire.  About 45 minutes later, as the last branches were going in, I looked down and there they were!  Very lucky!

Miwa got to play with Rowan again, and seems to be in a very good mood.

Dinner was Sockeye salmon, drizzled with soy sauce and maple syrup, accompanied by rice and broccoli.  Jill was inspired by bento boxes in Japan, and is going to make an effort to make us bento every day.  Her first effort was very impressive.  I will enjoy it tomorrow.

Ben                                                   Miwa                                   Jill

Jill is especially pleased with the nori cut into Hello Kitty shapes.


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