March 27, a very long day and March 26 recap

March 26

Jill and I managed to escape the house without Miwa this morning.  We went for a pleasant walk down to Yasaka station to take out some cash, charge up our Pasmo cards and pick up some stuff at the Daiei.  At the Daiei I splurged on a 968 bottle of 2009  Pinotage.

I went out for a walk around the neighbourhood to try to get a few good pics of backyard gardens and Honda Super Cubs.

We had instant ramen noodles for lunch, which were actually quite good.

Tomoko obachan came over for a visit after lunch.

Miwa bossed Tak around in the backyard.  They both seemed to enjoy them selves.  She then came in and ordered both Tak and Mitzi around the house.

A fun little ad comes on the TV every now and then.  I wonder why people sometimes get the wrong idea about Japanese school girls?

For dinner we mostly had leftovers.  Emboldened by my success with the wine last night, I bought the bottle I mentioned above, and after a small glass of it before dinner, I decided I should get another, just in case the first one ran out.  Unfortunately, the second bottle was nowhere near as good and the first.  😦

Tomorrow we head home, so there may not be a post for a while.

March 27

We left the house around 11:45 JST and headed for Yasaka Eki. We took a local Seibu train to Takadanobaba and transferred to the Yamanote Line to Nippori, and then a limited express train to Narita, and arrived around 15:10. It was a slow route, but it only cost 1450 each! The fast train from Nippori alone was 2400 yen, and the bus ride we took on the way in was 3100 yen and took way longer. While Mitzi continually told us we were going the wrong way, or that we couldn’t take that route, she was very impressed with the result.

The flight left at 17:35, so we had time to fit in a last ramen meal before heading through security. After Mitzi and Tak waved us through the security gate we headed to out departure gate.

We had the honour of being the first people on the plane! I guess packing around a giant car seat has a few perks. I would rather find a simpler solution though, and I think Jill has found a harness that might be better.

We had a strong tailwind (233km/hr at one point) and made it to YVR in 8:32, wayyyyyyy better than the 11:00 it took going the other way! That put our arrival at 10:07 PST, March 27th. That’s before we left the house in Tokyo! Almost like time travel.

We got pulled aside in customs because we had food in our baggage. Fortunately, the inspection went well, and the only comment we had was, “I love those toilet seats!”

Picked up the car at the Park and Fly, and headed for the ferry. We ended up on the 12:45 Tsawassen to Nanaimo, which got us to Campbell River 4 cars too late to make the 4:30 ferry. Right back to normal.

Now we are home and struggling to stay up as late as possible to combat the jet lag. It’s now 21:30, and Miwa doesn’t actually seem to be tired… This could be a long night!


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