March 25, visit with the dearly departed, then lunch!

Today’s activitiy was the reason that triggered our trip to Japan.  It was the celebration of the 3rd anniversary of the passing of Jill’s Grandmother, and the 25th of her Grandfather.  The day started on a completely different note, however.

For me, it started with a sneezing fit while I was seated beneath the heat pump fan.  I looked up and saw dust on the inlet vents, so I decided to investigate.  What I found was horrifying!  I don’t think the filters had been cleaned since installation!

After I cleaned the filters, we headed off to the graveyard (Tokyo Reien) to pay our respects.  The family gathered at the meeting area before heading down to the family crypt (ohaka).  Miwa played around for a bit with her second cousins before the ceremony.

She and made it 85% of the way through the ceremony before she just had to run some more, so I turned around, put her down, and followed behind.  She made it maybe 10m before she tripped and landed face-first on the sand-paper-like concrete.  Considering the severity of her wounds, she really didn’t cry all that much.  She passed out on the bus ride to the restaurant for lunch, after I took a few documentary photos.

Lunch was an elaborate affair in a private room at a very posh restaurant.  Fortunately there was enough room for the kids to run around, after Miwa woke up.

The garden was spectacular and re-awoke my desire for a grotto.  I’ll have to see what I can do when I get home.

The trek home was horrid as we took a bus instead of the train.  Not quite sure what we were thinking.  After getting home, we headed right back out again to pick up dinner and a few more odd candies for gifts.  I finally broke down and bought a bottle of wine.  I spent a whole 598 yen for a bottle of Concha y Toro Cabernet Sauvignon.

Only one full day left before it is time to head home.


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