March 24, Sleeping in Shinjuku

Nancy had gotten a bad hair cut, and ever since Jill has been in Japan, Nancy has been asking her for a haircut, so this morning she got her wish.  Tak headed out early to get some information about another trip to Nepal and the rest of us left about an hour later.  We met up at Shinjuku and walked to a good restaurant for lunch.  We went to a sushi place for the first time this trip.  Typically I have found that the sushi in Canada very high quality, widely available, and reasonably priced.  In Japan, sushi is a special treat, and doesn’t have the wide distribution it does in BC, so instead of having a range of markets, it is mostly high-end.  Today’s was very good sushi, but not stand-out great.  The highlight was the maple syrup roll.  It was part of a promotion by Agriculture Canada of all things.

My sushi rant above is partly inspired by the annoying Japanese belief that foreigners cannot possibly do anything Japanese correctly.  This ranges from using chopsticks to bathing.  I encounter the chopsticks thing a lot, it’s really annoying.  Imagine that you went to dinner in a foreign land.  On the table are forks and knives, just like you use at home.  When you use these utensils to successfully maneuver some food to your mouth, someone exclaims, “Wow, you are actually quite good at that!”  It’s kind of like, “Look, that monkey is wearing pants, just like a real person.”

After lunch, Nancy went off to meet up with an old friend and the rest of us went to BIC Camera to find a toilet seat.  Miwa fell asleep in Shinjuku, just before we went in.  It’s amazing she slept through the bright lights and noise, including Pika-chu hat wearing saleswomen with bullhorns.  After about 10 years of deliberating about it, we got the seat!  We’re putting it in the tasting room washroom for those of you who are wondering where we’re putting it.  It wouldn’t work too well with the composting toilet at our house I would say.  I’m very excited to try it out at home!!!

While wandering Shinjuku, Jill and I tried to collect free tissues.  Not much effort is involved, it actually takes more work to not take the proffered item, but we made quite a haul in a couple blocks.

We headed back home, Tak and Mitzi took our stuff from Kumegawa since Jill and I were making a side trip to the hardware store.  We picked up everything we needed and made it out to the parking lot before Miwa woke up.  This was at least 2 hours of sleep strapped to my back.  Amazingly, she stayed in there for another half hour as we walked back to Kumegawa and stopped at a bike store and grocery store.

Back home to enjoy a few of the beers, and relax for the rest of the evening!


2 thoughts on “March 24, Sleeping in Shinjuku

  1. Ben, I’ve enjoyed following your adventures through Japan. A friend of mine has one of those toilet seats in her new home and they are the best. Makes me want to frequent the bathroom every time I go there. Enjoy the reat of your trip.

    • I know how you feel! For some reason these toilets haven’t been embraced back home. In Japan, they are even in public toilets. The issue might be price. They seem to be about $1000 at home, but I got one for $200 here…

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