March 23, Family day

Another day for visiting family.  We met up with Nancy, Aya Ojisan and Yoko Obasan at Musashi-Koganei for lunch.  We went to a quasi-Itallian restaurant near the station, I had nero di sepia (squid ink) pasta.  The last time I had that dish was in Venice.  The Japanese version was good, but not quite as good as the Venetian version.  Jill had a “traditional” Japanese pasta dish consisting of spaghetti, pancetta, nori and spinach.  Apparently quite good.  Tak ate my salad while I was taking Miwa to the washroom.

We then hopped on a bus to go to our relative’s house and promptly got stuck in traffic.  Between the wait for the bus and the traffic, it would have been faster to walk.  We paid our respects to departed relatives, and looked at photos of Aya Ojisan and Yoko Obasan’s trip to Italy and Switzerland.  On our way back, we elected to walk.  Miwa fell asleep on my shoulders again, so we transferred her to the backpack and got on the train for Kokubunji.

Tak and Mitzi headed home, Jill, Nancy, Miwa and I stayed at Kokubunji to do some shopping.  I found some toilet seats in the 17,000 yen range ($200 cad), but it was a pretty limited selection, so we are going to shop around a bit more tomorrow.  We poked around and had some fun.

Jill’s cousin Yasuko and her son Murasaki came over for dinner.  Miwa and Murasaki got on like a house on fire.  Miwa bossed him around, and he gamely played along.  He got a big hug when it was time to go.  It’s got to be said that he is 13 going on 14, what a good sport he was for humouring a 2.5 year old.


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