March 22: Shorts, Squirts and Scoots

Instead of leaving Miwa with Tak and Mitzi, we just didn’t leave the house!  Sawaishi-mama, one of Jill’s homestay parents during her year in Japan, came to visit.

The most we could summon up the energy to do today was to go to the grocery store to get stuff for dinner.  Hardly worthy of blogging about, and not great picture fodder either.  The best we could do for the day is Miwa’s new shorts.

So I’ll take this opportunity to cover a few things I’ve had neither the time nor energy for up to now.  While here in Japan, there are many things I really wish we had in Canada small motorcycles and Washlets for example.

Since we were housebound today, I used the Washlet on several occasions.  For those of you unfamiliar with the Washlet, it is a unit that looks pretty much like an inflated toilet seat.  The seat is heated, and the control panel on the side allows you to select from several bum-washing options.  There is the gentle shower, the ladies button, and the high pressure washer.  I like the high pressure option.  I always leave a Washlet feeling squeaky clean.

On virtually every corner there is a Honda Cub motorcycle.  This is the most widely produced motor vehicle in history, it has been in production since 1958 and passed the 60 million milestone in 2008.  The last time they were sold in North America was 1984, and there are still many for sale on craigslist, for a pretty decent price.  I had the off road version when I was growing up, the Honda trail 90.  A great little bike for puttering around the trails behind the house, and the occasional big air.  🙂  I don’t think I appreciated it much at the time, but in retrospect, it was a great bike.  Now, seeing so many here, I wonder why I don’t see them on the road back home.  Something to do with the perception that North Americans are not satisfied unless something has way more power than it needs, I guess.  Unbelievably, I don’t have any pictures of one, nor can I find one in the background of any of our other shots, so here’s a stock photo.

I found a company that will export an entire container of them, anyone want to go in on it?


2 thoughts on “March 22: Shorts, Squirts and Scoots

  1. hey Ben, I’ve seen those washlets at Andrew Sheret in CR (with instructions in english). might be an easier option than having to explain a fancy toilet seat to a customs officer on your way home. they do not usually have an opening visible sense of humor.

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