March 21, Nagoya to Tokyo

The first day of spring was sunny, but cold here in Nagoya.  Today we got to go to a recreation of Satsuki and Mei’s house from Totoro.  Very neat little house, just like in the movie.  Miwa ran all over the house looking for the makurokuroske.  No pictures allowed inside.  😦

She also discovered that she enjoys being tossed, “up in the sky!”

On our way from there to the station, Miwa had her biggest meltdown in days.  Then in the middle of traffic, and still melting down, she decided she needed to pee.  The yelling and crying carried on for the entire time it took me to get her into and out of the 7 eleven washroom.  About five minutes later, she passed out and continued to sob in her sleep.  Hopefully this is all helping her build character.  It certainly is helping Jill and I build character.  We are learning what it’s like to travel with a rather active and know what she wants 2.5 year old.  It’s exhausting.  I don’t know what it’s going to be like with the next one, and this one together!

We were unable to get seats on the Fuji-san side again, but fortunately, I was able to hop up and snap a shot when we got close.

Miwa was super busy and poorly behaved the whole way back.  Jill threatened to leave her at several stations.  Can anyone recommend a good tranquilizer to use when traveling with children?  I self medicated with beer and a chu-hi, Jill used Tylenol, but nothing really helped.

Thankfully we are finally back at the Tokyo House and hope to be able to leave Miwa with Tak and Mitzi tomorrow!


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