March 20, Kyoto to Nagoya

The weather this morning was the best we’d seen in Kyoto, made for a nice 20 minute walk to the subway station.  At least the view from the Shinkansen was nice.

Our friends Masumi and Nobu met us at the station in Nagoya and took us to Higashiyama zoo.  As with most zoos, a little on the depressing side.  I certainly wouldn’t want to live in there.  However, everyone seemed to enjoy it, and Miwa  certainly did.  Though her favorite parts were the chaotic playground and the roller coaster.

Masumi made a beautiful and tasty picnic lunch, which we all enjoyed on a sunny bench between the rhinoceros and hippopotamus “habitats.”

On the way back to the car, Miwa insisted on being thrown up in the air, or running, or whatever it was that required a great deal of effort from me.

After about an hour of driving, we arrived at Masumi’s house.  She inherited it from her grandmother, and it looks a lot like Jill’s grandma’s place, including lots of low spots.  Nobu is also tall enough to encounter them, as he apparently does every morning.  That makes me feel a little better about myself!  The average height in Japan was about 10cm shorter than now when these houses were built.

We spent the evening looking at each other’s pictures from our trip to Italy.


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