March 19, Epic walk again!

I seem to be having an allergy attack.  Last night I went upstairs so my sneezing and gurgling wouldn’t wake everybody up.  So this morning, I was playing peekaboo from upstairs with Miwa, and one time, when she hid under the covers, she scraped her forehead with one of her nails.  On the list of things to get today, nail clippers!

A sunny day!  We headed to Kyoto station to get our tickets for the train to Nagoya tomorrow, then stopped at the Hello Kitty store and picked up a few more items for Miwa.  We’re planning on hiding them until her birthday, so don’t say anything!

Our planned walk for the day was a very ambitious one.  All the way from the station back to our house.  Remember, that was a 20 minute cab ride by a far more direct route than we planned.  A lot of the walk was through the same area as yesterday, but we hadn’t seen it in the light yet.  When it was all said and done, Jill and I mapped it out at 10.4 km.  Try that with an extra 30 pounds on your shoulders!

We actually walked past 5 playgrounds today, but most of them seemed severely neglected.  Miwa had fun anyway.

Can you spot the “playground”?

Note the traffic on all three sides of the fenced in area!!!

The cherries are just starting to bloom here and we’ve been enjoying them.  Sunny but cold today, there was definitely a chill wind blowing.

So after all that, we’ve basically wrecked ourselves, we’re now lazing about home and watching crazy Japanese game shows.  I am suffering from allergies and Jill is worried about too much walking being bad for her cervix…. hahaha.  Miwa is just crazy and most likely overstimulated.

Kind of sad to say good bye to the “Kyoto House”  as Miwa calls it.  Pretty cool that it was just on the river, wish we were here longer and in warmer weather.  The website for the cottage is at
Mike and Yuko are very nice and the river is awesome.  We had a lot of fun running along it, watching all the birds.

Well tomorrow is off to Nagoya.


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