March 15, recovery day

A pattern is beginning to emerge.  One day, we go on an expedition and wear ourselves out, the next day we hang around the house and recuperate. Of course we had to go to the playground, and I got to witness a little piece of  daycare culture.  All the kids from a day care lined up to get their play instructions for the day and Miwa ran in front of them and sat down.  A little boy, inspired by this show of independent thought, stepped forward and was disciplined.  I caught it all on film.  🙂Image

We still managed to do a little exploring locally, after 1.5 hours at the playground.   On our way to the store, I took a wrong turn (I thought it was a short-cut) and we ended up walking along a small river and then past an Indian restaurant.  We did our shopping and returned to the Indian restaurant for lunch.  It turned out to actually be staffed by authentic Indians, and the food was delicious!  Who would have guessed there would be decent Indian food in Japan?
Finished off the left-overs for dinner and cleaned up, because tomorrow we are off to Kyoto and Nagoya for 5 days.  Hopefully we will get a good view of Mount Fuji from the Shinkansen.


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