March 9th, Kappabashi Dori

We managed to sleep in to 5 today, so progress is being made!  After a typical morning of breakfast and perusing brightly coloured flyers all five of us headed off to downtown Tokyo.  It took about 2 hours and we rode 1 bus, 2 trains and a subway line to reach our destination.  This is regarded as a mid length commute here in Japan.  Mitzi’s dad did this for 20 years, 6 days a week.  His commute was slightly shorter, only 1.5 hours each way, so doing a little math that was 18, 770 hours, or if he were Canadian, the equivalent of working a little over 9 years of a 40 hour work week.  Hmmm, suddenly my commute doesn’t seem so bad.

Our destination was Kappabashidori, a street dedicated to kitchen and restaurant supplies, 8 blocks of it.  There were shops dedicated to nothing but chopsticks, take-out boxes, cooking pots, and most interestingly, plastic food for displays.

Just before we got there, I spotted a pair of Japanese work boots, so we asked if they had my size, and they actually did!  The largest size one could get at that store was 30, I am a 29.  These boots are seen on every foot in any construction site I have ever looked at while here in Japan, but they wouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a construction site in Canada!


After Kappabashidori, we found a hole-in-the-wall Ramen shop, and stopped for lunch, delicious!  It was teeny, tiny and run by a couple who incidentally had a daughter that was living in Vancouver until last year.

Recharged, we headed off to Asakusa, where Sensoji is located, a very famous temple.  It was a sea of Japanese people with umbrellas dangerously close to my eye level!  Also, very large lanterns.

On the way home we stopped at Ikebukuro to visit Tokyu Hands, a favorite department store of Jill’s, but it turned out to be a long way form the station, and no-one felt up to more walking in the rain, so we went into an electronics shop to find another lens for the camera.  They had exactly what we were looking for on display, and Jill took a couple of  trial shots with it.  However, they were out of stock, so all we got was two photos.  We’ll look for one in Akihabara before we go home.

While picking up groceries at the department store here in Higashimurayama, Miwa went insane.  It was a happy insane, with her shrieking and laughing and generally running amok, but that is just not acceptable behavior here, so I had to remove her from the store, after I managed to catch her.  We elected to walk back to the house to let her burn off some of that energy, but halfway back she escaped our clutches and ran through a very deep puddle.  Sigh… suddenly not so happy anymore.  I think her terrible two’s arrived the day we left for Japan.

We got back to the house at 5:30, had dinner by 6:30, and everyone was asleep by 7:30.  Perhaps we pushed a bit to hard before we were completely over our jetlag.

Jill kindly warmed me up a piece of cheese toast when we got back, but I bit into it too soon.  The cheese was still molten inside and burned my lip!  Now, combined with some chapping from a while back, I should be able to frighten most small children.

Beautiful eh?


One thought on “March 9th, Kappabashi Dori

  1. Awesome! Thanks for writing and posting about your travels. I’m really enjoying ‘following you around’ mwahaha! Mmmm ramen shop! Haiii Miwaaaaa!

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