A slow day

Today was a planned slow day to recover from the flight and hopefully get over a bit of jetlag. We had a leisurely breakfast at about 5am and waited until it was light before going for a walk. Miwa wanted to take just about everything she owned, and wasn’t happy about being limited to just her purse. She sustained her tantrum for a good 15 minutes, and didn’t let up until we came into sight of a playground. Then it was like a light had been switched on and she played and had a great time for about an hour. After that it was off to one of my favorite places, the Japanese grocery store! Like most of Japan, it initially looks familiar, but on closer inspection, subtle differences emerge, and one suddenly feels as if they have take a step into the future, and slightly to the left. This trip also had the added bonus of providing one of those insights being in Japan gives me into what makes Jill tick. In this case it was a stick of cheese with a plastic wrapper that was marked with cut lines to help the cutter make nice, even cheese slices. Clearly this is necessary for the Japanese, and explains why our cheese at home looks like a blind mole rat had a go at it.

Miwa fell asleep on my shoulders in the store and nearly fell right off. She ended up having a three hour nap, I guess she’s working through the jet lag.

Off for another walk again, this time to the Daiei, a typical Japanese department store. Miwa jogged for a while, until the side walk narrowed to a 40cm painted strip with no curb, then I picked her up. Highlight of the store was the arcade bus that Miwa played in. Afterward she said to me, “I was just thinking, maybe, I could drive the real bus.” Not too sure that would be a great idea, given that she thinks it is hilarious when I pretend she is running me over.

Tomorrow we are planning on heading to a larger centre, so hopefully a few more interesting pictures and stories.

I’ll add picture to this post once I get them re-sized properly

Before slide

After slide

The Real Bus Miwa loves to drive at the Daiei.


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