Eventful day……

Yesterday was full of tears and full of laughs. The morning brought heartbreak and anger….. Well we knew partially what was going on as Ben had to wake up in the middle of the night to see but we had a………

MINK ATTACK.  In the morning I found out that we had lost 15, FIFTEEN!!!! chickens.  However, as I was cleaning the chicken corpses up I saw a little shape flit by….. the little bugger was STILL IN THE COOP!!!!!

So after about an hour of chasing it around the coop with my dad, I finally thought, “Hey we have dogs…”

I called Griswold in and he got it, in about 5 minutes!!!!  Good dog, he earned his keep yesterday.

Then last night we left the Miwa with my parents and went for a dinner at Quay West in Campbell River, and then……

SO GOOD.  We saw his “One Man Lord of the Rings” a couple of years ago and it was so fun.  We couldn’t believe that he came to Campbell River.  He may be coming back for the Lord of the Rings so definitely will go see him then!

Today….. bottling, let the fun and games begin.


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