The Most Amazing Plucker Ever…..

Yesterday we finally killed our roosters…all 19 of them.  The hens are looking a bit more relaxed.  M, S and C4 came to help and it was done within a couple hours.  Ben did the chopping and everyone else pitched in, except me.  I stayed for the first chicken then had to go to a kid’s birthday party with Miwa.  It sort of sucked in that I wanted to help gut but I got an amazing piece of cake out of the deal.

Anywho, this is the Whizz-Bang Chicken Plucker.  The idea has been floating around the internets for a few years, it was invented by this guy.  Ben has been lusting after it for a few years so finally he bought the chicken pucker fingers and the plans from the website and scrounged a few other materials and…. Whizbang.  The hype is real, it took under a minute to pluck those chickens clean.  Here is the video to prove it!  Good job Ben!


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