Oh September, where did you go?

Still here.  Still waiting for grape ripening.  We’ll see how it goes (it seems to be my refrain right now).  However, we have been busy harvesting tomatoes, basil, beets, chard, kale carrots, etc.  A couple weeks ago our friends M and S came over and we made pesto.

One 20$ chunk of parmesan, almonds, walnuts, a bottle of olive oil and countless numbers of garlic cloves and 32 bags and one jam jar later we had our pesto.  I love S’s food processor, it kicks the ass out of my 1980’s era food processor. MMMMM pesto.

As it’s getting colder we’ve started the woodstove again and I’ve also been making oven roasted “sundried” tomatoes as I have a crazy over abundance of tomatoes.  So all that means is that I cut up the tomatoes and put them on a cookie sheet with a drizzle of olive oil and salt and pop them into the oven at low heat for about 8-10 hours.  Easy peasy, lemon squeesy.  Sadly I keep eating them and there is none in the freezer as a consequence.

In the vineyard we finally got up our nets around the petit milo and the foch and things are progressing here.  We harvested around 100lbs off our siegerrebe which is pitiful but at least we got something, we had to get to it before the birds as the robins are back in a big way.  We are going to be installing irrigation this year, I think that we are too dry during the summer and our vines are struggling for it.  Oh well just getting into more debt.

Other than that there was a second birthday and a 60th birthday,  we had barrels from Okanagan Barrelworks delivered, got our car-top tent, went on a whale watching trip in Ben’s boat and broke down (sort of) and I learned how to run the kicker, built our wood shed, tried to fix a leak in our roof and still haven’t, and went on a vineyard workshop in Victoria.

Also we were part of Tastes at April Point on their closing weekend, it was fun and interesting, we were part of the wine tasting on Friday, with wines from Alderlea, Averill Creek and Blue Grouse.  The next night we attended their 5 course dinner paired with wine from the Mark Anthony group which is the company that owns Mission Hill.  The food was great, the wines were a bit Meh.  Also that Saturday we served at a VIP reception before the Campbell River Chamber of Commerce Business Awards.  It was nice and it took place in the Art Gallery.  I think that the Gallery curator was a bit nervous though, all that food and wine around all that beautiful art.  The food was made by Michelle and her staff at Cheddar and Co.  SO GOOD!  I especially like her butternut squash pesto.  Yum.


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