Fallen off the Blog Wagon…

Oh dear.  I seem to have fallen off the blogging bandwagon for pretty much the entire summer.  Well Summer’s here now!!!  Temperatures forecast in the 30’s yay!  Maybe our grapes will actually ripen.  I don’t know what is going to happen this year.  It’s a bit scary.

However, here is a very cute and poignant video about factory farming and going back to the old ways.  It is for a restaurant but, I think that the actual message is quite well done.

Other things that have been happening.  Sunday was the first annual Quadra Island Fall Fair.  That was fun.  Your truly won third prize in the pie division and a Conveners Choice award (though I’m not really sure what that means).  I’ll post pics of the pie in a bit, I’ve misplaced my camera so am unable to take pictures right now….

Our garden is now producing tomatoes, carrots, beans, kale, chard lettuce, squash (summer and winter) beets, alas the potatoes are now done.  We are going to go pick up netting today so that we can finally net the grapes in our vineyard…. No money but hey what’s another 5000$.   Also we need to buy a boat for Ben because his packed it in after only 1 glorious fishing trip which netted 2 pinks.  We need to spend a bit of money on the boat because obviously in the $1000-2000$ range, the boats available like to go kablooey.  Ben was unexpectedly called in to week overnight twice last week and once during the weekend and the ferries were a bit hard to deal with as one of the calls xame in at 200 in the morning.  No choice but to wait until the first ferry.  Anyhow, my vacation next year is turning into a boat… Sigh.

However, a boat that isn’t teeny tiny might be fun!  Who knows!  OK.  More picture heavy the next time.


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