An unexpected visit…

Last week my mom got an email from a person at Comox Base wanting to know if she could send out the word to the Japanese Canadian Community to come to the base and greet some Japanese surveillance plane flight crews that were due to arrive in the next few days… How cool.  So of course we (my mom, dad, Miwa and I) jumped on the opportunity because really how often do you get to tour the base?  There were about 10 of us in total.  We were met by Rich, our escort into the base and we got handy dandy visitor’s passes that let us into some restricted areas.  So in the end we got to see the planes arrive from tarmac level and at one point got prop wash all over us… ewww.  This also being a Japanese venture we took many pictures, though in only the right direction, I’m not sure if I’m allowed to post them but I will, until I’m told otherwise.

Japanese crew taking the obligatory pictures with the locals.

Hearing protection.

The Canadian crew were paired up with the Japanese crew so this is the mingling and Miwa running around talking on her cel phone.


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