Friday last:  Happy Canada Day!  Tonks and I were in a dog show as part of the Canada Day Celebrations on Quadra.  I think I may start agility training for her, she’s pretty good.  There was also music and a free salmon or pork dinner!  How cool was that?!

Saturday last:  The Comox Valley 30 Day Local Food Challenge kick off event at Shelter Point Distillery.  Busy, 300 people or so.  Apparently we need to get our wines into Courtenay liquor stores.  Our compostable cups were a great success and thanks so much to Chrisx2 for getting them in Nanaimo no thanks to UPS….. UPS still sucks……

Tuesday:  Summer has arrived (knock on wood).  I noticed on Sunday that our Foch is finally blooming, I hope it ripens this year….

Today:  This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while.  Camping inside and you pay for it!  However, it is very cute.  This is the Hutten Pallast Hotel in Berlin,Germany where you can stay here and “Camp”.


One thought on “Summer!

  1. That’s awesome! I’m pretty sure I’d go stay somewhere like that!! We have a boler that we might sell if you feel the need to do this at the winery! haha 🙂

    Glad the event was successful!

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