UPS sucks and other lessons learned today.

Well, we are doing a tasting at Shelter Point Distillery this July 2nd to help kick off the Eat local for 30 days Challenge (link here ) and we have to supply the glasses.  Now we’re not sure how many people are going to be there so we were asked to use plastic cups rather than glass as they don’t have great facilities for washing yet.  So in an effort to be “green” I ordered some PLA (corn) biodegradable cups so that we can bring them home to compost.  However, the company I ordered from was good but they used UPS.  Stooopid United Parcel Service, why is it still in business?  It was supposed to be delivered top Ben’s work by end of day Tuesday but has not arrived so we started with the WTF????  Where is our parcel.  Apparently, UPS kicked it off to Puralator in Nanaimo and is waiting for us to pick it up…. WTF x 2?  It’s supposed to be delivered to Campbell River!  Ben has been on the phone and so has our contact at the company I bought the glasses from…..  However, 3:00 pm, and the work day is coming to a close!

UPS sucks and never again…. here are some I hate UPS links

Face book page : UPS Sucks!!!

A Complaint about UPS


I could go on and on….

Second lesson learned today:   Never wash a disposable diaper in the laundry machine…. Little bitties everywhere.  One of Miwa’s nighttime diaper must have been mixed up in the wash 😦  Three times the work for me now.

Third lesson learned today:  Popcorn made in a pot with oil is the best!



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