Our friend Christina brought up her kids and we had a little visit with the “cousins”.  Was it ever fun!  We had baths on the deck, campfires, playdates, chicken wrangling, pond diving, rock throwing, more campfires and now the kids are tired.  Miwa was sad when everyone left to go home.

Then I went and took some pictures of my flowers in my messy garden which is why they are close-ups not wide angles.

This last picture is just random.  Well, Ben’s boat is working well now after a few adventures.  We actually took it to town on Sunday.  We (3 adults and 3 kids) fit and we jetted over in about 5 minutes (or less).  I’m finally mowing the vineyard though it’s more like haying and I’m a bit worries about burning out my motor.  Oh well, it’s got to be done!! Grow little grapes, grow.  They are sadly late 😦  Off to work in the fields!


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