U of Q and Stooodio tour

So it’s been a busy a busy weekend, though don’t I always say that.  Last weekend was the Quadra Island Studio tour (link here).  So many artists, so little time.  Though we were actually part of the tour.  We had tonnes of people come through and enjoy the tasting room and the picnic area.  So cool.  It’s nice to see people out in the picnic area, sitting, chatting and enjoying a glass of wine.

We are finally getting the warm weather than we need.  However, we are far behind in terms of growing so we shall see.

We also participated in the U of Q, a fun night once a week at the Heriot Bay Inn Pub where people come around and listen to people talk about what they are excited about.  We did one about growing wine!  It was certainly an interesting experience.

Ok.  Enough for now…. However, quite exciting news coming up!


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