Medals! (and Vancouver and Hanami!)

Yay, external validation here we are!  We’ve won some medals from the Northwest Wine Summit.  The 2009 Jimmy K has taken home a silver again (the 2008 was also a silver medal winner).  The 2008 Sutil and the 2009 Black Crow both took home Bronze medals.  Now the question is do we actually get medals?  Sadly our Ortega did not get anything (what does it take?????), but it’s still an amazing wine.  I think it’s getting better in the bottle.

Here’s a quick update on the farm….. in Vancouver…. (and Victoria but only very quickly).  Last week we went to Vancouver to visit Val and Ken who are tied up to the False Creek Fish sales dock selling their scallops.  So we swung by Victoria, dropped off a load of baby stuff to Meg and fam, then skedaddled over to Vancouver.  Check out the view out of our sleeping accomodations (ie, the back of the truck that we borrowed from my dad for the trip).  Pretty sweet eh?  Ben was a little nervous but whatever, I guess I have more experience as I lived in our van for a few months during Larchitecture.  Anyhow, it was fun and full of visiting with Nana and Grumpy and Ikea(Miwa got a new kitchen toy set thanks to Nana), the new Anthropologie store in Vancouver (expensive and a bit dissapointing) as well as Rangoli, yum!  I really wanted to go to Vij’s but we thought perhaps not with Miwa so we went to Rangoli’s next door and picked up take out.  Rangoli’s is owned by Vij’s so it essentially the same food.  Even as take out it was amazing.  Yay for Indian food.  We also visited a friend from Larchitecture who also had a baby a year ago, he is very cute by the way.  The craziest thing was when we were waiting in line (about two seconds after we got to the boat) to  order our dinner at Go Fish, the little restaurant at the top of the dock Ben says to me, “Do we know that person?” I turned around and it was another person from Larchitecture!  Crazy and random. Pictures!

Finally, today, it was Hanami 2011.  It turned into a beautiful day and we sat under the flowers and appreciated.  Here is the evidence.  Ta.

(no, I am not pregnant again… just fat and sassy!)


Before suckering                                                                       After suckering

It might be a bit hard to see a difference, but there is one… Suckering, oh joy!


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