So I was reading my copy of Westworld which is a magazine put out by BCAA and to my surprise we were mentioned in it (here).  How cool is that?  Anyhow, I’ve been lamenting our lack of marketing and marketing skills lately so this was nice to see.  I think what I need to do is write out our manifesto and start to really follow it, rather than kind of bumbling along as we have been.

One of the marketing things we’ve been doing is entering wine competitions (2 in particular) and we were skunked at the All Canadian Wine Competition (Well, we only put in 1 wine but still).  Bleh.  External Validation who needs it?  I know we have good wines but I think that because we are competing with other wines made with grapes growing in really good conditions it’s sometimes hard for us to compete.  I also think that because we are making our wines from 100% local grapes it makes our wines so different that its hard to compare.  (Spoken like a true loser:) hahaha).

However, congratulations to Beaufort Winery in Comox that won best in the Vitis Vinifera Blend category at the ACWC for their red blend: Ca Beautage.  That is truly an achievement.  Also to Blue Moon Winery for a medal for their Sirius apple table wine and to Coastal Black for a medal for their Raspberry dessert wine.

On a happier note our wines are now found at Salmon Point Bar and Restaurant at Oyster River and soon to be at Saltspring Harbour House Hotel.  I talked to Paul there on the phone today when he phoned to order a case and he said some very nice things about our wine.  Things like our finish to the Ortega was really nice and bright and he thought it was one of the best Ortega’s he’d tasted at the WIVA tasting we were at.  Anywho.. WOOT!

Also, what I am doing out in the vineyard now….. SUCKERING!  Grapes like to send our shoots all over the place so I need to go through the vineyard and knock off buds and suckers so that the rest of the season will be full of nice orderly vines.  Really what it means is that I’m basically turning into a hunch back because of the bending and crawling I am doing through the vineyard.  Well, half way done though!


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