Floating homes

At one point when Ben and I were living in Vancouver we thought that it might be fun to live in a floating home or in a sailboat…. It doesn’t matter that we don’t know how to sail.  How better than to just do it.  Anyhow, I came across this website about a couple that decided that they were going to sail the world, even though they had never sailed before…. How cool is that.  The only thing I wonder is how do these things get financed?  This couple sold their boat, went on a overland adventure of Mexico, had a kid on the way and now are living on a boat in San Fran and expecting another one.  They aren’t old, in their 30’s but wow.  Makes me think why did we start the winery… we should have kept the money from our apartment sale in Vancouver to travel the world for a few years…. Rooted vs the rootless, feet in soil vs the open road.  What is better?

Anyhow, this couple is interesting and would probably be pretty fun to get to know, here’s their website

Incidentally, our friends across the road have a daughter who is also our friend that sort of did the same thing, sailed the Mediterranean in a sailboat with her honey.  They ended up in Italy and that is what led them to making pasta in the Comox Valley, also a fun couple to know!  Must be a boat thing… boats=fun=interesting people? Oh wait a minute we also know a couple that live on a boat in Gowland Harbour…. they are also lots of fun and artsy!  Hmmmm.

Oh and some pictures from around the farm (warning… nudity ensues….)


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