Quadra Island Soap and a Neat Chair

We now proudly carry Quadra Island Soap at our tasting room.  They are lovely hand made soaps made by Naomi and her family here on Quadra Island. She has even made an amazing soap out of the Black Crow!  So cool.  Here is her website and thanks so much Naomi!  I’ve also taken a picture of our picnic basket.  It’s a bit packaged food like but since we don’t have a food safe kitchen here this is what we can offer.  Natural Pastures Cheese, Lesley Stowe Crackers, Salami, Organic Chocolate, Peanuts, Ginger cookies, and Stacey’s Pita chips.  All for 40$.  This should feed up to 4 people.  Cool!

Now the chair.  I like chairs…. We have a plethora here at home and I am running out of room…. However I can seat 15 if I need to!  This would be a good alternative for guests! It’s a Vintage Leg-o-matic Folding Chair.  Cool. via AT


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