Urban Wineries and our rural winery

I’ve noticed that there is a phenomenon in the city of urban wineries.  You pay to be the winemaker with help from a professional winemaker.  The facility brings in the grapes and you get to be there for the crush, blending and bottling and they make a party out of it.  I think you basically pay for a barrel worth of wine.  Though it’s not cheap.  The full meal deal at one winery in NY is about 6000$.  What a cool idea.  They are found in New York of course and also in California and Oregon.  Actually they are the newest hottest thing, I think.  All the romance and none of the reality.  They are also really nicely designed.  Pretty. These pics are from the Brooklyn Winery in NY. I LOVE these pictures, so well taken.

I just finished planting the replacements for the sieg that have not made it in the front vineyard.  It should have been done from year to year but we were just out of money and time.  Anyhow, there was also a little bit of garden work done on a nice sunny day.  As evidenced!

We also went to a cousin’s birthday party and there was one of those inflatable jumpy castles.  Miwa enjoyed herself.


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