Currently obsessed with…………

Joel Salatin….. Well, his books really.  We borrowed Family Friendly Farming and Salad Bar Beef from Christina (on Wednesday) and I’ve burned through one of them already.  Like most people we first heard about him by reading about his farm in Michael Pollan’s Omnivore’s Dilemma.  I love the way that he approaches farming.  We are also like minded but not really from a farming background, nor do we have 400 acres to farm.  However, we do have 12 acres so we are going to do the best we can.  Anyhow, back to Joel Salatin.  He is a bit religious and a bit preachy but what he has to say is pretty common sense stuff.  The Family Friendly Farming book was timely because I wondered what are we setting Miwa up for.  What if she doesn’t want to farm?  There was some good ideas and some good advice in that particular book.  Anyhow, thanks for lending us the books Christina!

Also, here are some Ben scalloping pictures, Chick pictures and some Wine tasting pictures.  As well, the van has been sold.  So I’ve promised Ben he can get a boat instead.  Sad to see the van go but now I need to learn to drive a boat!

Finally, what happened the second day we had the climbing wall assembled. The picture does not do the goose egg justice, it was like a new horn!


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