Shout out and a lego apartment

I just wanted to shout out to the Quadra Island Building Supply.  We have basically built our house from the Building Supply and fenced our vineyard and now feed our chickens.  It doesn’t matter that every once in a while I walk in expecting to find stuff where it was the last time only to find it moved elsewhere (the owner loves moving things!) it’s just amazing what you can get there.  Sometime it’s completely random stuff.  It’s awesome.  It’s great to live somewhere where the store actually carries what you need and usually comparable prices to what is in town!  Yay Quadra Builders!

Also here is the most innovative apartment. It is cozy but modern and very, very charming.  The owner is also very charming.  I love the outside space too.  This could totally work for an understanding couple. Via TinyHouseblog


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