WIVA tasting a the Empress!

Well, last week was  a bustling one.  Ben took the week off but it was quickly filled up.  We were busy trying to get ready for opening and also took part in the Wine Islands Vintner Association Spring Tasting at the Empress! Woot.  We even stayed there for a night (though it was through Aeroplan points that we were able to afford it).  Anyhow, it was an interesting event and we’ll see if we get anything out of it.  We got exposure if anything.  Here is a link to a blog article about it and an unexpected review of the Black Crow for us! (Yay John Schreiner! Even a picture! A cruddy picture, but oh well!)  Luckily my sister was able to come along and babysit while we were pouring.  We certainly could not have done it without her.  I will post more pictures when I finally download them onto the computer! Also chicks, 24 of them to be exact.  They started hatching on Tues (19th) and the last one was hatched on the Thursday (21).  We put 7 of them with a broody hen we have in the big coop.  They are separated of course.  We gave her the chicks at night and blocked them into a nest box overnight.  The next morning she was fine and looking after the chicks.  Anyhow, they are all darn cute.


3 thoughts on “WIVA tasting a the Empress!

  1. I went to the blog link you had, and read through his reviews (yay for getting a picture in there btw) and I have to expose my wine ignorance… what are the numbers at the end of each review? All between 87 and 91?


    • It’s basically scores on what the wine merits. Of course you can get wine below 87 and more above 91 but I’m happy we were reviewed at what we got!!!! Have you approved me as a friend on Facebook yet????? (We’re under SouthEnd Farm Winery, I decommissioned our other account……)

      • Oh.. I don’t know if I approved you, thought you were already a friend, but I see now you have a new FB so I will friend you 😀

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