What an epic cluster bleep.  So, I’ve noticed that for a while even though we “own” we don’t really use it.  I mean for things like email.  We have email forwarding so that any mail that go to would actually go to our mobile me account or to gmail then to the mobile me account.  The only reason we went with mobile me was because when we started the winery it was the easiest way to get a website up fast (using Apple’s iWeb).  That way I could also easily update the site myself.  Anywho, the long and short is that our emails ended going out as our account or worse through gmail where it showed up as being “sent on behalf of” us… Very unprofessional.  Well, I decided to do something about it as it seemed our email was getting more and more glitchy.   It ended up with us changing registrars for our domain name and getting a new host for our site.   Then I got to try new things like uploading our website via FTP and using fun programs like cyberduck.  The people who are now hosting the site are very good at customer service(  I was on the website and had just paid for transferring the domain and they phoned to let me know what was up….. crazy, they could see me surfing around on their site loking kind of lost.   It took many tries and they phoned several times over 2 days and I spent a long time ignoring Miwa and fiddled with the computer but I think I’ve done it.  Our website is live, the emails seem to be coming and going properly! Huzzah! Thanks guys at Canhost (especially Nick D.)  I think we’ve now streamlined.  The best thing is Canhost is in BC!  So freaking cool.


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