Just sad….

So the Conservatives have upped the ante yet again on their rather idiotic Very Ethnic Vote stance.  All the parties are interested in that vote especially in the swing ridings like Surrey but I think that the Conservatives have taken it a bit far.

Apparently a Conservative organizer sent an email out asking for people dressed up in “national folklore costumes” to appear in a photo-op with  Stephen Harper.  It just goes to show you that they think that people are playing dress up…. rather than just being.

It’s weird growing up in a place like Canada where there are so many different cultures and being a visible minority I am still asked where I am from.  I love to say ” Oh yes, I am from across the Ocean, the far away land of Campbell River.”  There seems to be such an emphasis on where you are from and what culture you identify with.  On CBC radio recently there was a program about Japanese Canadians marrying outside their culture. SO WHAT….. Who cares, why was this so interesting that a documentary should be made about it.  I should just make on called The Life and Times of a Japanese Canadian Redneck, though really I’m not a redneck but I certainly grew up around them.

Anyhow, rant, rant, rant.

The point was that the Conservatives distanced  themselves from the email and Harper stated that:

“We have never done that, and you’ve been to our rallies, and we have great representation. And we’re getting better support than ever across all cultural communities in this country, and that is not how we do business. So, you know, I think that is just bizarre, and that’s not our approach.”

How can we believe these people….

This is too funny.


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