How crazy it’s been, I think we have spring fever.  We finally bottled the 2010 Ortega.  There was depressingly not much of it and it’s gooooooooddddddd.  Why, when things are good do we not have a whole tonne of it.  Anyhow, it’s bottled, we back sweetened it with Ortega juice frozen from the crush and when we defrosted it, there was only 20 litres from about 60 litres of the original amount, pure NECTAR!  It was about 40 brix…. crazy.   Also, so yummy.  I’ve sent a bottle to the lab and am hoping to hear back soon.  I need now to get labels done ASAP.

We’ve also rototilled the garden and planted some things.  With R. our neighbour we planted some peas, broadbeans, spinach and early potatoes.  R. LOVES potatoes, it’s quite amusing.  I still need to plant some more garlic and lettuce.  WHeeeeeee here we go.

Chickens have  finally been penned up, we are starting the breeding program for the Araucanas and the Naked Necks.  Currently the Naked Necks are in the Honeymoon Hut.  We penned them up because they were destroying the gardens which are starting to grow, all my irises and daylilies look a little ragged because of all the scratching.  The good news is that the Christmas Chick might be a girl and she’s an Auraucana, no butt or tail feathers but no ear muffs.  Still it’s good, one more to add to the flock.  This year might be the first year where I don’t need to buy some chickens!!!  Our goal is still to breed  a Naked Auraucana.  No neck feathers, a good size and butt-less.  However, it hasn’t happened yet.

The N Shack isn’t quite done and I keep on meaning to take some pictures but I keep getting side tracked. like with dinner with M and S at their loverly CR home.  Miwa loves S….. lot’s of running was involved!  …. hmmm. OK, here’s some pictures.  Oh yes, things are starting in the vineyard…….


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