Spring means colour!!! and getting even busier and Elizabeth May

Design Seeds, a colour palette website.  Colours palettes inspired from the everyday.  Website here Cool, might use these in our own house as I am so TIRED of white…. Everyone seems to be doing white with pops of colour….. SO BORING.

Also we are slowly filling up our dance card for tastings and the such.  First up will be on April 19th at the Fairmont Empress in Victoria.  We are taking part in a WIVA (Wine Islands Vintners Association) event where there will be many, many great wines to taste.  The link to more info is here It’s a full on wine tasting and also the book launch of that most detested volume Island Wineries of BC (now I’m just being bitchy).

Closer to home we are pouring for the Campbell River Hospice Society fundraiser Angel Rock on May 7th. We’ll be pouring the Ortega (not sure about which vintage) and the 2009 Black Crow for that one.  Then we are also going to be pouring at the CR Daybreak Rotary Club Wine and Blues Festival on June 11th.  Also in June is the Quadra Island Studio Tour (June 4 and 5) which we are a part of again and also a new tour called Discover Quadra, on June 11 and 12.  This is a tour for different businesses on the Island to get people familiarised with what they do.

On another note, we are voting again Federally on May 2.  Here we go with election propaganda.  Anyhow, Elizabeth May leader of the Green Party is barred from the Leader’s Debate…… again.  However, in 2008 when there was huge public outcry and the Broadcast Consortium reversed its’ decision.  So why bar May from the debates this time round… it makes no sense.  Stoopid, I say.  At least Iggy and Layton said that she should be included.  We generally have to vote strategically here on the North Island.  Last time I voted Green and we ended up with a Conservative MP.  We split the NDP vote.  Oh well, guess it’s NDP this time.  Too bad we don’t have proportional representation.

Anywho enjoy the pics below (from the Design Seed website), pretty colours!


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