I saw this article on Apartment Therapy and thought wow….. do we really live in a time when we don’t even trust who might be outside our door……  How sad is this?

“Last night the sun had set and my husband was out of the house. The dogs go crazy as there’s a small knock at the front door. Not being able to see out my front door I ask who it is and a young (buy not childish) voice answers it’s a neighbor from down the street needing some sugar. Would you open your door? This situation was a little nerve racking since I am unable to see out my front door and although I had security measures in place I quickly realized, I don’t know my neighbors well enough to know them by their voice — especially the teenagers.

My neighbor was quite nice and he was home alone and was out of sugar to make Kool-Aid. I was glad I opened the door although there was extreme hesitation. Living in a new-ish neighborhood this is a new concern for myself and my husband so we’re curious about how you feel about your own hood?

Would you open the front door to someone you couldn’t see after the sun has gone down? “


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