Holy Cow!!!  We’ve been busy little beavers over the last 2 weekends, both winery wise and personal wise.  March 11 and 12 we were serving our wines at Words on the Water, a really neat writers’ festival here in Campbell River.  Basically writers are invited to come and talk about their books, their process and really anything else that happens in their lives.  This year Shane Koyczan, of Olympics Opening Ceremony fame was one of the participants.  Sadly, I was sick as a dog and had to send Ben to do the serving by himself….. I was actually in bed for 2 days, it was crazy.  We were one of the sponsors and Ben had a really great time.  In the program was a really great poem commissioned especially for WOW by Kate Braid.  I’ll post it soon.  The imagery is amazing.

During the week, I filtered the 2010 Ortega, OH MY KJHGSHFKSD!  WOW! It’s all about tropical fruit this year folks. Pineapple, grapefruit, mango and a bit of black pepper.  WOWZA.  I was pretty excited.  Did a protein stability test, looks good, this year it’s an off-dry year so we will be sweetening the wine up a bit before bottling which is finally supposed to take place next weekend…. We are always so late with it.  We also transferred the Dornfelder, which also is looking pretty good and also the Jimmy K.  It’s always interesting to see what kind of wine is going to come out of the mix.

This past weekend we participated in the Third Course Bistro Wine Festival which is the wine fest that North Island tourism and culinary students put on.  This is the second year we participated and it’s always interesting.  Thanks guys for letting us be part of it.  Since we don’t put a lot of money into marketing it’s nice to know that more and more people are starting to hear of us and actually like our wines.

Personally, we had friends from Calgary (originally from Quadra and PG) visit with their new baby twin boys.  10 months and amazing.  They were super duper premature but now they are almost as big as Miwa.  They are staying with his mom and so we were able to have a big dinner at our friend Cathie’s house with all the siblings, partners, other friends and other moms and dads.  It was a big ole family dinner.  The next day though they came to visit us and we had brunch while Miwa and the twins played.  That evening, we had dinner with my old homestay sister and her mom who are visiting from Japan.  It’s so cool to see her again after so long, it’s like nothing really has changed even though it’s been almost 20 years.  Crazy.

Finally, Happy Belated Berfday to Sarah M,  I ‘m sad I didn’t make it to your Bowl-a-rama party, it sounded fun.  Hopefully we’ll see you before you head into camp for the rest of spring!!!!

I also had good news that we are going to be picked up by April Point Resort and Tsa-Kwa-Luten again, so that is really nice.  2010 was a bit of a lean year for grapes but 2011 will be our first estate grown wines so woot!  Miwa is also teething now and has all of a sudden popped 2 molars on top and one really nasty looking bruised bump on the bottom which will eventually be a molar once it finally breaks through.  It looks horrible now though.  For some reason perhaps the teething she’s had this ridiculously snotty nose and getting diaper rash again.  Yuck, I’m glad we don’t have to deal with this too often.

Done, over and out for now.


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