Thinking of Japan

As the earthquake news from Japan gets more and more horrifying we are grateful that most of our family is ok. Most of them live in the Tokyo area but one of my cousins emailed this morning to say they felt about a 5 grade earthquake but they are ok. We are thinking of all our countryfolk and sending our best wishes.


2 thoughts on “Thinking of Japan

  1. Hey Jill,
    I’m not sure if you would remember me, I was friends with and in choir with Nancy for years growing up. I’ve been thinking of you and your Family a lot the last couple of days. The last that I’d heard was that Nancy was in Japan, is she still there? I’m glad to read that your family is ok.
    Take care,
    Erin Ripley

    • Hey Erin. Luckily most of our family is in Tokyo and further south so everyone is ok. Nancy is now home so thankfully we don’t have to worry about her:) Thanks for your thoughts. We don’t know anyone from the area hardest hit but a family friend has friends near Sendai. They haven’t made contact yet. Here’s hoping they do.

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