Oh What Fun!

Well, a week ago we were inundated by cars!  Many, many cars and not just new cars, there were old cars and then some really old cars.  The Antique Car Clubs of Campbell River, Powell River and Comox Valley have an annual picnic at Rebecca Spit every year on the last Sunday of February, and they decided to come visit us as well.  What a hoot, many, many people and many, many cars!  Here’s some pics….

How cool is that?!

Today we went on a break-down cruise of Ben’s Dad’s boat…. I say break-down rather than break-in because this was supposed to be breaking in the new engine just installed in the boat however, it broke, sort of.  There was no going forward or backwards or anywards and the Coast Guard had to be called for a tow.  What fun!

These are some pics taken from happier times, when we didn’t realize that there was something wrong.  Quadra has some pretty interesting houses.

Pretty tiny house and cute!

Where is the above mentioned tiny house?

Actually on the CR side but still kinda cool, and sort of terrifying!

Looking back up the Channel.

I guess these should have gone to the other blog, I am thinking of decommissioning the other blog, too much work!  OK. 10 more rows to prune and I’m done!


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