Bone to Pick

So, we just got a copy of Island Wineries of British Columbia (very nice looking book) and we were not really even in it.  Just a small thing in the index saying where we were and what our phone number is.  Argggghhhh.  That part doesn’t really bother me, it’s the section on Sparkling wine where we aren’t even mentioned.  I mean I know we are a TINY winery compared to the rest on the Island and we are about as far north as you can get here, and we have NO money for marketing  but please…. the omission of the Jimmy K?  Completely faux pas (it’s mentioned in the email I sent to Adam Tepplenden sp? when he was looking for information).  It’s a Silver Medal winner for god’s sake.  I guess we don’t really toot our own horn and that has just bitten us in the ass.  The book would have been a lot of free publicity.  Oh well.    However, there is a lovely little section on the Vandermolens, our friends who own Beaufort in Courtenay.

OK, rant over (though still considering a nasty email to the author/publishing house, journalistic integrity my ass).

Here’s the cover.


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