Snow day!

No pruning today, that’s for sure!

We had to go out today as I am the temporary rep for Prontissima Pasta from Courtenay and today is delivery day so I had to get to the ferry to pick up the cooler…. Wellllll, I am a true West Coast girl in that I see white and I freak out.  I bravely bundled the daughter into the car and set off, as I also had to take my mom to the ferry.  We got there fine however had to wait a while before we could make it up the hill to the back road.  Anyhow, my tires are made for lots of rain not snow so the drive home was at about 30 km per hour.  Now we are holed up inside and here I am.  Here is to hopefully the last gasp of winter.  I did hear a bunch of Canadian geese flying north the other day so I thought Spring was imminent.  Oh well.

Also eggs!  Our chickens are FINALLY laying again.


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