Blogging… back on the horse and a Curious Incident in the Night

OK.  Here’s what we’ve been up to.  Ben had a birthday, he wanted to camp…. in January.  So we did.   It rained but at about 1100 at night it cleared up and it was fun.  We camped at our neighbours front lawn, they have a great lawn that is down at the beach and far away from their house.  Actually their house is above.  Anyways there were tarps put up, a raging bonfire, tea, grappa, wine, beer, hamburgers, salmon etc.  It was fun.  Here’s a picture of the next day.  We were nice and toasty in the VW though.  Miwa quite enjoyed herself. That’s me in the background…. me make fire big!!! mwahahahahahaha.

We also had a Curious Incident in the Night.

One of our hens has hatched a chick.  So to make sure that they were ok we put them in our greenhouse which is attached to our house.  There was a small catdoor so we thought it would be ok, however, one dark Thursday night in the middle of the night there was a horrible sound and we ran outside to see that there were black feathers everywhere and the chick was all by itself.  So we brought the chick inside and were kept up by incessant peeping.  The following Saturday morning, I was looking out the window and saw what looked to be our missing hen.  We took the chick out and YES!!!  It was the mother.  I was looking forward to being the chick whisperer.  Anyhow, here’s a picture.

Finally a Tiny House Picture:



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