Wow, wow, wow….

It’s cold!  Well in the grand scheme of things it’s not but here on the coast it’s cold.  I think we hit -9 C last night…. Gah.  I’ve got the woodstove fully open and trying to keep it warm in here but the dog door lets in a lot of cold air.  Well, let’s face it our house is a bit hole-y as we built it ourselves with very little experience.  Anyhow, the labels are here and we are labelling away getting ready to start selling the Jimmy K and the Black Crow this upcoming weekend.  I also haven’t blogged about what we had been doing lately.

Well, we are  teaming up with Michelle and Mark from Cheddar and Co. in Campbell River on Saturday Dec. 4 for a special tasting for those who want to taste the new releases in Campbell River rather than making a trip over to Quadra.  In Campbell River, the new releases will be available exclusively at the Merecroft Village Liquor Store and at the Heriot Bay Tru-Value on Quadra.  (I stole this paragraph from our mail out newsletter)

We’ve been busy on the marketing front as well.  We’ve donated wine to many organizations the most notable being the Mountainaire Avian Rescue Society, and the Quadra Feral Cat Society.  We took part in Plenty, An Artistic Banquet at Hudson’s Farm in Campbell River.  It was organized and presented by Connie Kretz of Coastal Roots (  and Heather Gordon Murphy of HGM Productions.  It was a feast prepared by Chef Terrance MacDonald from the Lodge at Gold River plated, served and paired with our wines in a big white tent out in the fields of Hudson Farm. There was entertainment and lots of steampunk style.  SO VERY OTHERWORLDLY and so very, VERY cool. (I also stole this paragraph from our mail our newsletter)  Lesia Davis from the Campbell River Museum has blogged about it here (

Also, you may have noticed that we have done a bit of a logo redesign.  Just by chance we met Margaret Hanson (, a very talented graphic designer who has designed labels for Spindrift Brewery in Victoria and Rocky Creek Winery in Cobble Hill.  I had been lusting after those labels for a while and lo and behold the designer showed up in our tasting room (along with a great group of ladies from the ferries).  It also happens that she grew up in Campbell River and went to school with my sister (we were a few years ahead).  So we started talking and this great logo popped out.  Though we love our old logo a lot, we wanted something a bit more flashy (which wasn’t the idea when we first started).  We kept the weathervane idea but made it more “design-y”  Hope you like it, we LOVE it.  Thanks Margaret.  (I also stole this from our newsletter, haha.) This is our holiday version!

Anyhow, here’s to winter!  Huzzah!



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