More tiny houses and Black Crow

Here is a great little apartment in Seattle.  Thanks Christina for finding it.  I like the fact that there is room for 2 full beds but privacy it seems is at a premium.  It is 182 Square feet and everything is precisely placed.  Check out the newspaper article here

I also particularily love the Vodafone house designed by Waskman Design Studio. It’s a 161 square foot trailer meant to be used as a holiday home and it’s solar!  The space is divided into 2 levels: the lower level is public and the upper level is for sleep.  I wonder how it feels when you are inside it.

Last weekend we also bottled the 2009 Black Crow with the help of my dad, friends Quinton, Ang and Ninja.  Thanks so much guys it helped immensely.   This year it is about 20% Agria, 15% Pinot Noir and 65% Dornfelder.  It has turned out not too badly as a red wine, it actually does have a bit of tannin along with all the requisite fruit flavours. I think that this is because we left it on the skins for about 3 weeks because we were too tired to press post-Miwa.  We might do this again on purpose this year.  Our challenge is how to make a good red table wine from grapes grown on Quadra.  If we get our nets this year we will definitely have some Leon Millot and Marechal Foch to pay with for our “premium” red the tentatively named Quintage.  It should be good. We are definitely stressing the grapes out this year.


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