Well we live in a hot, hot place, we got up to 34 degrees yesterday.  We spent yesterday holed up inside, in the shade.  However, I did find these this morning, I think I’m going to make Miwa one. They are android dresses, an homage to Star Wars… I think I like the R2 dress better than the 3P0 dress.

This is via the Craft blog at


Some more little houses. This one has made it around the interwebs but I still love it.  It is by Studiomama who is based out of London.  She had great ideas, I love them all especially the pallet furniture.  Her website is


looking towards entrance

looking the otherway


Another great little house, well it’s more of an apartment makes great use of ceiling height.  I think we may try to incorporate this idea in our house. It’s by Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture more pics at

Nice axon of the studio

Looking towards the windows (obviously)

Looking down from the bedroom

Looking up into the bedroom


Kitchen under the bedroom

That is it for today.  Got to try and do this before the baby wakes up!!! Also there were open auditions for the Quadra Island production of Mamma Mia yesterday night.  Sadly I did not get out to it but definitely am looking forward to the play!


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