Whoa, it’s the beginning of August already.  What a hectic 2-3 months it’s been.  June started off with the Quadra Island Studio Tour on June 5 and 6th, in which we were fortunate enough to be a part of even though we aren’t artists per say.  It was quite fun to be part of it.

Pictures from the garden tour, this loverly place is not our disaster of a garden but a beautiful garden out in Granite Bay.

We also poured our wines at a reception hosted by Meyers Norris Penny for the Campbell River Chamber of Commerce Awards nominees also on June 5th.  That was also quite an honour that MNP would think of us to be the feature winery.  We then had to work frantically on the garden and the vineyard for a few weeks so that we would not disappoint for the annual Garden Tour  on Quadra that just occurred on June 26 and 27.  In the middle of that we had a nice visit from John Schreiner who is an author that writes about the BC wine industry, his blog is http://johnschreiner.blogspot.com/ His blog is great full of interviews and wine reviews , lots of fun.

On June 19th we had our first annual Mad Hatter Tea Party to celebrate the solstice.  Imagine a table set for 30 (?), silly hats and tea cups. It was very fun.  My parents had friends from Japan over so they also were able to join in the festivities.

We have also been to the new restaurant on Quadra, the Discover Steak and Seafood House at Gowlland Harbour Resort.  It was great.  Not too expensive, great portions and a decent wine list.  Yay, a new place to go for dinner on Quadra.  We also were able to get to April Point Resort and Spa for dinner one night as well.  They are one of the resorts on Quadra that is carrying our wine (thank you, thank you so much!).  Amazing dinner, there was a wedding reception occurring at the same time, it was busy and there was a hum in the air that was electrifying.  It was a great atmosphere for a restaurant.   Add to that the view outside and it was a very enjoyable dinner.

We also were able to get to Victoria to go camping with friends of ours at Goldstream.  This was the first camping trip with Miwa and it worked fairly well considering we spent every second moment yelling “ No Miwa, no rocks in the mouth!”  I think we got most of the rocks but who knows.

We’ve also finally gotten a hatch of chicks from our incubator; we’ve had issues this year trying to get chicks.  Our incubator needed parts and a more accurate thermometer apparently.  Anyhow, we were able to put the recently hatched chicks under a broody hen that had gone broody on our deck.  After a mishap where the first chick fell out of the nest and nearly froze to death we are left with 13 chicks under this poor mama hen.  It is very cute seeing her poof up enough to have all the chicks under her.

As well, in late May we were visited by David and Susan who are freelance reporters who were doing a piece on Quadra and kindly included us in their story.  It was in the Vancouver Sun on the June 5th weekend edition.  Here is the link to it though. http://www.vancouversun.com/travel/Beautiful+surprises+hidden+Quadra+Island/3136906/story.html

We also had a visit with Doug Sloan who writes Wine Wise in the local paper and he reviewed our new releases.  Thanks Doug.  Here is his link:


July was a flurry of  selling our wine as our tasting room swung into full summer mode, this meaning it was open at least 3 days a week but more since my sister is around and able to take care of the shop.  This is really the only way we are going to be able to pay for our grapes this year, even so I don;t know if we’re going to make the target amount:(  Oh worry, worry.

Through it all Miwa is now walking. At the beginning of July (just 9 months) she was  tottering about 4 or 5 steps at a time…. Now it’s full on running.   Hoo boy, we thought we were already busy, we are really busy now.


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