Tiny Houses

I have an obsession.  With tiny houses.  I spend most of my time on the interwebs looking for interesting tiny houses.  However most of them seem to be for 1 or 2 people or they are summer cottages or artist studios.  However, there are some very sexy ones out there.  Ben and I live in a 882 square foot home with 336 square feet of outdoor covered space and we plan on raising kids here too.  So far it’s worked out alright but Miwa is only a baby.  I recently found the blog of a lady who loves in New York City and lives in a 1200 square foot apartment on the 31st floor of a highrise.  With her 4 kids and husband.  How cool is that?  Her blog is www.6inthecity.com.

Anyhow, here are a few that I have dredged up for fun.

The Hill Container Studio by Poteet Architects

An 8 x 40 foot space used as a guest house, play house, studio etc.

Love the composting toilet but harder to maintain than you would think…….

Got this via Apartment Therapy


Another great little house is a summer cottage on Gambier Island in BC.  Again this is via Apartment Therapy.

150 square feet, 4 people and a dog.

The best home so far that I know of is our friends Martine, Joyee and their little girl Uma.  They converted a HandyDart (bus like van run by BC Transit) into a home for them to travel around in looking for a place to settle down.  It’s like the movie Away We Go but with baby rather than pregnancy. Their blog is http://timelesstravellers.blogspot.com/

The happy family!


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