Award Winning Winery!

Well sort of. This year we entered our wines into the 2010 NorthWest Wine Summit that takes place in Oregon each year. There were 1100 wines entered this year and I had my doubts. We have great wines but there are some really big wineries with amazing wine that enter this competition every year. Long story short we’ve won a silver medal for the 2008 Jimmy K (sparkling Pinot Gris) and a bronze medal for our 2008 Sutil (dessert agria). Sadly our 2009 Ortega did not win a medal. We still think it’s an amazing wine that is a great expression of our terroir here on Quadra. Here is a little blurb to explain what each of the medals mean:

Medals are awarded by:

Gold: for role-model examples
Silver: for overall excellence
Bronze: for substantially above general market quality

CONGRATULATIONS to all our fellow wineries from the Island that have won medals: Beaufort Estate Winery, Rocky Creek Winery, Mistaken Identity, Garry Oaks Winery, Carbrea Vineyard and Winery, Church and State Winery and Muse Winery.

Oh yes, this is our 100th post! Congrats to us for that too!


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