Sunny Weekend

What a beautiful weekend.  We had Hanami Part Ni on Saturday and worked outside for the Sunday (also Happy Mother’s day).

Hanami (part ni) was an even more beautiful day than last week, it was an afternoon full of lounging around and eating way too much.  Head over to Jess’ blog at Dairy Free Betty for some great pictures.  Here’s the link I  love her blog with lots of yummy recipes and food pics.  It makes me hungry.

We’ve also bought an attachment for the tractor that is very, very, very exciting. It’s a backhoe attachment.  It took Ben a few days to modify it for our tractor but it’s working nowand look at the look of pure joy on Ben’s face.  Doesn’t that seem like pure bliss.

Now that is  PURE JOY!

Sister Nancy rock picking in the sun.

Here is Mother’s Day Dinner courtesy of Martha Stewart but completely different.  We used Ling cod instead of striped bass and swimming scallops instead of clams (all locally sourced). We had grilled ling cod with scallop chowder/sauce on a bed of tagliatelle (pasta) from Prontissima Pasta from Courtenay and biscuits and Ortega from a nice winery called Rocky Creek in Cobble Hill.

On the winery front we’re still waiting on our labels.  They are supposed to be done by the 14th, so hopefully they will be sent to us by the 16th or 17 so we don’t have to label all night long like last year.  Maybe next year we will be on top of things.

Also an unfortunate incident happened with one of our wines from last year.  Sadly the Black Crow started refermenting in the bottle.  Gack!  Horrors, this is one of the worst things that can happen to a winery that is starting up.  We are so embarrassed.  So after rounding up all the bottles that we knew their whereabouts,  we took what we had left, debottled,  refiltered and rebottled it.  Lot’s of work but so worth it.  The best explanation we could come up with is that our equipment wasn’t clean enough when we bottled.  Then we counted back to when we did bottle.  It was about the time that Miwa was 1 month old…. ahhhhh somewhere in our sleep deprived state we screwed up.  Oh well.  If anyone had a bottle of this fizzy Black Crow, please bring it back (or the receipt) and we’ll give you a good one.  You can be sure that we were extra vigilant when we went through the bottling process this time around.  The Black Crow was aptly named, we got complacent and the Black Crow did come calling.  On the up-side, the Black Crow tastes even better now that it did when it went in the bottle the first time.

I leave you with a picture of Miwa communing with our windows (Aren’t they lovely and clean……)

Doesn’t she look like she’s saying don’t worry, be happy? That or HELLLLLOOOOOOOO!



One thought on “Sunny Weekend

  1. Hi Jill, Hi Ben

    It is really delightful to see your progress, with Miwa at the centre of it all.

    Linda and I love to see the South End Farm grow in beauty.
    (and be part of your “family’ at large!)


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