Spring, spring, spring

Hallelujah.  Spring is here.  Well sort of.  It’s been warmer but wetter this spring.  The forsythia was blooming March 1 which was a full 2 weeks ahead of last year.  The grapes are all in leaf now and we’ve started planting the garden.  Potatoes, broad beans and peas are in as well as kale.

In the winery, the Ortega, Siegerrebe and a late harvest Ortega are all bottled and we’re waiting on labels now.

This year we got some eco bottles from Tricor Braun.  They are supposedly 10 % lighter per bottle than the traditional burgundy bottle.  It is true and very cool.

This past weekend we participated in dinner and a night at Steep Island Lodge again with Michelle and Mark at Cheddar and Co. in Campbell River and Chantal and John from Steep Island Lodge.  It was delish and a truely cool place to be on the coast.  Check out Chantal’s blog about it and her great pics.


I will add in pictures soon, I’m just lazy.  The New Year’s resolution to blog everyday did kind of go out the window  didn’t it… haha.  OK until next time.

Oh yes, the Miwa is crawling and furniture surfing now…. Everything in our house is moving up.


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